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Registration of Austrian EBBD colleges

Welcome to the registration form for Austrian EBBD colleges accredited by the Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung.

In order to integrate the Austrian colleges into the network of EBBD schools it is necessary to register here after your school has been accredited by the ministry.

1.1 Applicant Organisation

To complete this section, you will need your organisation’s number. Since 2019, the Organisation ID (OID) has replaced the Participant Identification Code (PIC) as unique identifier for actions managed by the Erasmus+ National Agencies.

As EBBD is a European Qualification based on implementation of multilingual and multicultural activities and mobility, each organisation applying for EBBD has to prove that it is an internationally active institution following the European objectives by providing an OID.
unique identifiers of organizations/institutions used to participate in Erasmus+ projects

1.2 Legal representative

1.3 Contact Person