The Association EBBD e.V. has the purpose of promoting education by establishing, implementing and advancing the concept of the EBBD. It defines the elements of the EBBD  and develops procedures to assure standards.

The EBBD e.V. is the body to specify the form of accreditation, certification and its procedures.

The association is also responsible of public relations and information of the EBBD, attracting schools in as many European Countries as possible.

It organizes annual EBBD conferences thus enabling the exchange of experiences between members.


Business Office
c/o BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen
Mundenheimer Str. 220
D-67061 Ludwigshafen


How to become a member
  • Private persons
  • Institutions
  • Companies

can join the association and contribute to our cause
as supporting members.

Colleges and other educational institutions not accredited can become associated members.

Colleges that want to offer the EBBD have to be accredited and will become ordinary members.