European Digital Playground

Participating in this Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project are experts and students of: Helsinki Business College, (Finland) Summa College( the Netherlands) Skive College (Denmark)  Nazaret Fundazioa (Spain)  Charles Peguy ( France) & Rijn IJssel (the Netherlands)

 Why a European Digital Playground?

The current situation calls for development of sustainable alternatives and cooperation with European partners to learn from and with each other to face today’s challenges in education and society. This means that VET institutions have to provide new flexible transnational projects, which can be carried out remotely or as blended learning to adapt to global and environmental or societal changes.

Considering the possibilities in technology and the growing relevance of digital education, partners want to explore and share good practices in digital education, entrepreneurial projects and simulations.

The aimed result is to develop a transnational, interconnected online simulation that enables business VET students to learn in a work-based environment, and encourages and stimulates them to learn more about entrepreneurship and working in a multicultural environment.

In the long-term, the idea is to implement the course as a part of blended learning. The VET institutions participating in the project have an already established partnership through the EBBD- network. 


Want to know more about this project? Please contact one of the partnercolleges in this project or send an e-mail to :