EBBD presented at The European Conference dedicated to “Vocational Education and Training – the choice of preference” 2018 in Sofia.

The European Conference dedicated to “Vocational Education and Training – the choice of preference” was held on 24 and 25 April 2018 in Sofia.

Ute Schmitt, vice-principle of BBS Wirtschaft 1, Ludwigshafen, secretary of EBBD e.V. and also secretary of EfVET participated at this conference. She had there the great opportunity to network with other VET professionals and policy makers who shared the same goal, to make VET a first choice.  In this conference EfVET wanted to contribute to give VET a higher visibility by sharing good practices and then achieve the goal of making, as the title of the conference states, VET a first choice.

This certificate is a label of excellence based on the national/regional curricula, but goes beyond:

The qualification does not only require competences in international business administration and economics, but also two foreign languages (B2 for the first and B1 for the second foreign language), CLIL, work-based learning and problem-solving (in particular in real projects, simulations, junior enterprises etc.) and an internship abroad of at least four weeks.

Testimonial of Ute Schmitt (BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen):

It was great honour to present EBBD as a best practice example for excellence in VET on this level of the EU.

From our school’s experience, EBBD graduates do not have problems finding high level apprenticeship or dual bachelor study programmes provided by companies like BASF, IBM, SAP, HP etc. after their exams.

Furthermore, it has proven to be the best way promoting the excellence level that can be achieved by choosing a VET study programme like EBBD to let the students and graduates speak themselves. They share their experiences during information evenings for prospective students and their parents, at educational fairs and in a promotional video, thus convincing many of the participants, that VET can be a first choice, resulting in enrolments for EBBD at our college.

All in all, European VET qualifications – such as EBBD – which are strategically implementing internationalization and mobility in curricula promote VET as a first choice.


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