EBBD 2010-2013

Netzwerk zur Entwicklung und Verbreitung eines europäischen Wirtschaftsabiturs (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma - EBBD)

The basic idea of the project was to create a certificate European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD that is harmonized throughout Europe and that enables the beneficiaries to acquire additional competences in the areas of economy, Europe, languages and mobility.

11 partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Romania, The Netherlands and Russia as a third party country wer partners of the project representing colleges, universities a non-profit organization and a government authority.

During this project the overall design of EBBD was developed, a portfolio describing profile and learning areas established and the association EBBD e.V. was founded in order to ensure sustainability after the end of the project.

Main objectives
  • development and implementation of an EBBD-portfolio
  • defining and testing procedures for accreditation and certification
  • development of a dissemination strategy
  • ensure quality (external evaluation) and sustainability (EBBD e.V.)
Project coordninator

Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg, Kaufmännische Schule der Stadt Bielefeld

Andrea Lütgemeier
+49 521 51 5412

project coordinator first EBBD project
Project partners

International Business College (Vienna, AT)
EBBD e.V. (Bielefeld, DE)
EU-Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaft und Berufsbildung at the Bezirksregierung (Detmold, DE)
Aalborg Handelsskole (Aalborg, DK)
Helsinki Business College (Helsinki, FI)
Haaga-Hella University (Helsinki, FI)
Andrassy György Katolikus Közgazdasági Technikum Gimnázium és Kollégium (Eger, HU)
Summa Business College (Eindhoven, NL)
Colegiul Economic “Ion Ghica” (Targoviste, RO)
Novgorod State University (Novgorod, RU)

overview old structure of EBBD curriculum