Conference 2020

conference program - third EBBD conference Vienna

The year 2020 will enter history as a very special year in many respects. Our 3rd annual conference and general meeting in Vienna had been well prepared. Venues and catering had been settled and a side programme developed. This year we expected again more guests to our conference, even from countries that had not participated before.

2020 was a special year also for EBBD: we celebrate our 10-year existence.

And then COVID-19 made its appearance. Many members had to cancel their participation and our hosts had to be very creative concerning venue and catering.

In the end only half of the members could participate in person, and some had to return home head over heels before their borders would be closed.

Thanks to the tremendous effort of Mrs Weger and Mrs Tomasitz-Möseneder,we managed. The AGM greenlighted the design of the new EBBD portfolio and the side programme provided interesting insights into entrepreneurship education.

Or as Prof. Johannes Lindner phrased it: “We need persons creating (and implementing) new ideas (= entrepreneurs) in every society.”
In the new EBBD portfolio entrepreneurship education forms a crucial part as we have implemented the Entrecomp into the technical requirements

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