Conference 2019

conference program - second EBBD conference in San Sebastian

During the 2nd international EBBD conference in San Sebastian we made major decisions to strengthen financial resources and the stability of EBBD e.V. thus ensuring the sustainability of EBBD.

We experienced great support of Juanjo Agirrezabala, Head of Innovation in teh Education Department in Gipuzkoa. He emphasized that transversial and professional competences like the ones promoted by EBBD.

Or as Aitor Lizartza, Co-founder of Mondragon Academy (MTA) phrased it: co-creative teamwork is a genuine human competence, based on empathy, and crucial for mastering future challenges.

Working in teams, communication competences, critical thinking and problem solving are the core of EBBD.

Besides the official programme there were again many oportunities for networking among the EBBD colleges and learning about the culture of our member states.


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