Internships abroad in times of Covid – The EBBD buddy project

The Buddy project was a cooperation in offering students the possibility to learn about Working and Living in Europe in response of the alternatives described in the mail of EBBD e.V. Board: ‘DEALING WITH INTERNSHIPS ABROAD IN TIMES OF CORONA – CHALLENGES AND POSSIBILITIES’ of 15 September 2020, teachers from different EBBD-schools reached out to each other in finding ways to cooperate in this. For Berufsbildende Schule Wirtschaft Ludwigshafen (Germany), Skive College (Denmark), Andrássi György Katolikus Közgazdasági Középiskola (Hungary), Handelsakademie Tulln (Austria), Business College Helsinki (Finland), Nazaret Fundaziao (Spain) and Rijn IJssel (The Netherlands) this resulted in the EBBD-Buddy project.

In the EBBD-Buddy project students cooperate with peers in learning about Working and Living conditions of different countries in Europe. Each buddy was matched with two other students.

Together they set up meetings and shared experiences, knowledge and data about living and working conditions in their country. Based on the gathered information students drew conclusions on main similarities and differences of the three countries in question and reflected on risks and potentials for his/her professional development, when working and living in each of these countries.

Claudia Friese,
Pia Hinnerup,
Birgitte Madsen,
Kaisu Luuka, Éva Kálmán,
Oihana Hernandez,
Nereba Peña,
Edeltraud Paflik,
Doris Czesany and
Cynthia Woolderink.

One testimonial what the students think about the Buddy project you an see here:

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