Conference 2018

first EBBD conference in Eindhoven - conference programme
The 1st international EBBD conference was a success. Inspiring, collaborative and – most of all – a huge step in preparing EBBD for the future by deciding about the new EBBD eV charter and electing a new Board during the AGM on the first day.
The second day was very inspiring, giving insight into the intensive cooperation between SummaCollege and Brainport in Eindhoven. The speakers representing Brainport and companies in Eindhoven stressed the importance of internationalization in education.
A person’s attitude is the most important aspect for future employability, to be proactive, reliable (deliver what you have promised) and have a healthy mix between experience and curiosity, to think out of the box… there is no real innovation without collaboration.
EBBD the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma fosters the necessary softskills.

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